Inside and outside of the Church

Twas the Light Before Christmas

is now history and such a fun-filled event is not possible without the help of some very dedicated and wonderful people. I would like to express my appreciation to all who helped and supported this event, especially:
The Knights of Columbus were indispensable in providing kitchen help and cleanup.
Assisting them were Sandy Gamrath, Karen Ehreth, and Betty and Larry Heyden.
Thank you so much for your gracious service!

Our ever-faithful Dan helped me in multiple ways, not least of which was providing the star for the play. Thank you for all of your support!

The Sunday School teachers who gave up even more of their time to provide the teaching, craft instruction and songs were Pauline Hoyt, Connie Dodge, and Maria and Jessica Balsiger. You are such a gift to this parish and to me! 

A Christmas play requires Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. Many thanks to Richard, Sarah and baby Linus Shipley for playing the parts!

Thank you to Karianne Bolma for being our angel!
Finally, a play isn’t a play unless you have actors

and a director. Diane Hoffman (another Sunday School teacher) graciously shared her talents as director while Celia Artis and Lars Herold wowed the audience with their acting skills.

I am very grateful you said yes! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


Praise & Recognition

To nominate someone, click Read More >, below. One of the six key characteristics of an engaged member of a parish is that members have received recognition or praise from someone in their parish, within the past six months. As our Parish moves forward, it will be essential that we create the climate where parishioners freely and frequently can recognize and praise the efforts of other parishioners and staff members. One step in creating this climate is the creation of this forum. Read More


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