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The St. Francis of Assisi Pastoral Council Honors Phil and Lil Isernio

The St. Francis of Assisi Pastoral Council Honors Phil and Lil Isernio
Phil and Lil Isernio have been members of St Francis parish since 1957. They have been married 59 years and have 3 boys, Phil, Dan, and Joe. They have 6 grandchildren ages 13 through 23.

Phil has been on the Facility Committee since it began. He has cared for the grounds for 20 years. He also served on Pastoral Council and delivers sandwiches once a month. He cares for Father Angelovic's patio at the rectory so that Father has a nice place to sit when he visits. He feels a sense of pride while caring for the church. “He likes the church and grounds to look good.”

Lil began her volunteer career while raising her boys. She wanted them to be a part of the parish community. She began by teaching the 2nd grade CCD for 10 years. She sings in the choir, is a Eucharistic minister and brings Communion to the homebound. She serves at daily Mass and leads the Rosary in October when Sister is gone. She purchases the candles, washes and irons the linens for the Altar. She volunteers at funeral receptions and provides desserts when asked. She makes sandwiches for the Lazarus Day Center. She straightens the books in the pews on Mondays and will clean anything that needs to be cleaned, anywhere. Service to others gives her such joy and she believes that is the way to ‘reach’ people. She has a very deep love for the Lord and says, “God has gifted me with the strength of sharing that love by truly caring for others.”

We honor Phil and Lil for their love, commitment and selfless giving to all at St Francis. From all of us, thank you for providing the true spirit of God with a loving and giving heart.
-- St. Francis Pastoral Council


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