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The St. Francis of Assisi Pastoral Council Honors Kitty & John Meehan

The St. Francis of Assisi Pastoral Council Honors Kitty & John Meehan

John & Kitty Meehan have been members of St Francis of Assisi since 1991; finding a home here..

Kitty moved to Des Moines in 1961, & attended high school at Mt. Rainier. She got her AA degree from Highline Community College.John grew up in a large Catholic family & attended WSU.
Kitty did display work at the Bon, Nordstrom, & Fredrick and Nelson, which is where she met John. Both were managers at F&N and not allowed to date. A clandestine dating affair blossomed into marriage at St. Francis in 1992.

Ministry started very simply: John pulled some weeds at church, which lead to more yard work during the spring. Kitty became involved in the liturgy committee where her display background led her to working on church decorations. John hangs the beautiful red, then white then red banners for Palm Sunday, Easter and Pentecost. John worked on the
Stewardship Committee for 3 years & both were called to be Eucharistic Ministers, participating in what they consider the most important part of the mass, sharing of the Body and Blood of Christ. They are inspired to work with the elderly & plan to do more outreach when they retire.
Faith, expressed by Kitty, is the blessed assurance of salvation, & the continual forgiveness of our Lord. Stewardship of treasure, talent, and, especially, time provides the drive for participation, & they show by example how it can start very small & grow over time.
Involvement starts by talking to others who are engaged then listen to that little voice that you often hear when you take the time to listen. Follow what interests you, just as you follow our Lord.

“Our community is comprised of people like John and Kitty. They help make it what it is.”
Thank you, John & Kitty, for your contributions and your help to make our parish home.
-- St Francis of Assisi Pastoral Council

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