Lighting the Easter candle at out Easter Vigil Saturday night


Thank you to everyone who helped at Mass last weekend:
Altar Servers: McKinley Beard, Tanner Beard, Nathan Tafalla, Peter Hollabaugh,
Gino Morella, Silas Gobat
Acolytes: Anthony Feil, Zach Newton, Ashley Newton, Caden Gobat, Sonat Taydas,
Kila Robinson
Eucharistic Ministers: Diana, Marie, Mary, Michael, John, Linda, Ken, Dan, Ed, Jean, Paul, Joe, Jessica, Maria, Beatrice, Cheryl, Mel, Karen, Linda, Paul, Carol, Erin, Marian, Leo, Kristi, Betty
Lectors: Terry Douglas, Xandria Eykel, Elizabeth Boyle
Ushers: Chuck Post, Joe Hermle, Larry Corvari, Maurice Dunn, Joe Madeira,
Paul Silvernale, Brendan Silvernale, Mary Ingersoll, Pearl Bautista, Duane Sokoloski,
John Erban, Peter Truong, Phil Isernio, Richard & Maria Rombauer
Sacristans: Diana Hautala, Pat & Russ deCastongrene


Praise & Recognition

To nominate someone, click Read More >, below. One of the six key characteristics of an engaged member of a parish is that members have received recognition or praise from someone in their parish, within the past six months. As our Parish moves forward, it will be essential that we create the climate where parishioners freely and frequently can recognize and praise the efforts of other parishioners and staff members. One step in creating this climate is the creation of this forum. Read More


Gratitude for your generous hearts!

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Thank You for reflecting Christ in your service

Tuesday, January 1, 2019
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Tuesday, October 16, 2018
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