Lighting the Easter candle at out Easter Vigil Saturday night


A child is born, the world rejoices!
Thank you to all who helped to make our Christmas liturgies so special! 

Christmas Environment: Kitty Meehan, Camille Sutton, Leah Sutton, Paul Hanks, Ken Gollersrud, Louisa Danforth, Lory Newsom, Erik Eykel, Erwin Eykel, Sarah Eykel,
Xandria Eykel, Lil Isernio, Sandy Gamrath
Ushers: Chris Treichel, Sonny Domingo Andrade, Jack Erban, Peter Trung, Joe Madeira, Chuck Post, Larry Corvari, Maurice Dunn, Marry Ingersol, Ron Perri, Jim Friant,
Keith Mooney, Phil Isernio

Carriers of Baby Jesus: Stella Colin and Celina Duque
Eucharistic Ministers: Mel Batt, Mary Ann Moushey, John Meehan, James Hanks, Maria Balsiger, Linda King, Heidi Lyman, Marian Julum-Weaver, Ed Bohn, Carol Bolma, Alda Vavra, Jean Walz, Rick Fleehart, Laurie Fleehart, Leo Ehreth, Doug Carroll, Larry Heyden, Jackson Dyer, Cheryl Brooten, Mona Anderson, Terry Douglas, Sofia Morella, Erin Waltner, Nancy McHenry Dirks, Connie Coluccio, Josephine, DePietro, Rebecca Ocampo
Altar Servers: Sophie Klakken, Josie DeTuerk, Rylee King, Gary King, Gino Morella
Acolytes: Erik Eykel, Caden Gobat, Lars Herold, Luke Tolton, Celia Artis, Kila Robinson
Choirs: Florencia Aranca, Susan Femenella, La Von Howell, Don Dorres, Lil Isernio,
Bill Opfermann, Rosalie Farula, Sonja Herold, Mary Jurisich, Jim Orchekowsky,
Jennifer Petersen, Wendy Butzerin, Allison Gobat, Jeff Simpson, Shelby Gottberg,
Jim Badder

Children’s Choir: directed and accompanied by Coleen Auxier
String Trio at Christmas morning Mass
Pastoral Assistant for Music: Denise Duque
Lectors: Frances Davis, Ken Gollersrud, Nick Boyle
Pastor: Fr. Dick Hayatsu
Deacon Theman Pham


Praise & Recognition

To nominate someone, click Read More >, below. One of the six key characteristics of an engaged member of a parish is that members have received recognition or praise from someone in their parish, within the past six months. As our Parish moves forward, it will be essential that we create the climate where parishioners freely and frequently can recognize and praise the efforts of other parishioners and staff members. One step in creating this climate is the creation of this forum. Read More


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