Inside and outside of the church


Thank you to everyone who helped at Mass last weekend:
Altar Servers:
Danielle Doell, Samuel Scoville, Silas Gobat, Peter Hollabaugh, Coleman Hollabaugh, Somi Nkwonta, Ugo Nkowonta, Josie DeTuerk Acolytes: Sydney Elicker, Darla Doell, Sonat Taydas, Caden Gobat Eucharistic Ministers: Marge Vranizan, Cheryl Brooten, Joe Madeira, Rebecca Ocampo, Chris Novotny, Jack son Dyer, Joe Lyon, Alda Vavra, Mary Ann Moushey, Bunnie Markkanen, Mike Piovesan, Kristi Silvernale, Paul Silvernale, Carol Bolma, Carrie Stueck, Sophia Morella, Anita Johnson, Steve Olson, John Meehan, Connor McClean, Dave Boze, Mary McGarry, Dan McGarry, Ken Lindh, Paula Strouf, Chuck Pasquan Lectors: Megan Fairweather, Nancy Brant, Terry Douglas Ushers: Chuck Post, Joe Hermle, Larry Corvari, Maurice Dunn, Joe Madeira, Paul Silvernale, Brendan Silvernale, Mary Ingersoll, Pearl Bautista, Duane Sokoloski, John Erban, Peter Truong, Phil Isernio, Ron Perri, Richard & Maria Rombauer, Sonny Andrade, Rich Femenella, Keith Mooney Sacristans: Toni Lysen, Paula Strouf, Tina Matz Greeters: The Dethlefs family


Praise & Recognition

To nominate someone, click Read More >, below. One of the six key characteristics of an engaged member of a parish is that members have received recognition or praise from someone in their parish, within the past six months. As our Parish moves forward, it will be essential that we create the climate where parishioners freely and frequently can recognize and praise the efforts of other parishioners and staff members. One step in creating this climate is the creation of this forum. Read More


Pastoral Council recognizes Rosanne Michaels

Tuesday, December 31, 2019
Meet Rosanne Michaels, as the Pastoral Council recognizes and thanks her for her involvement in our parish! Rosanne comes to us from the East... Read More

Pastoral Council Honors Ken Gollersrud

Tuesday, July 30, 2019
The pastoral council is pleased to recognize Ken Gollersrud. Ken and his wife, Lita, have been married for 31 years. Their son, Nils, just... Read More

Pastoral Council Honors Linda Stryker

Monday, July 1, 2019
The pastoral council is pleased to recognize Linda Stryker, an active member of St. Francis Parish for the last 33 years. She and her husband, Ted,... Read More

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