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May 2018

May 23

Spirituality of Letting Go – by Richard Rohr

Spirituality is about letting go. Francis of Assisi profoundly understood that. He let go of his life in the upper class and joyfully lived in solidarity with those at the bottom, the sick and the poor. But you and I have grown up with a capitalist worldview, not a Franciscan worldview. That doesn’t make us bad or entirely wrong, but it...
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May 16

God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and you. Pentecost!

Christians are unique in one important way; we see Jesus as the son of God and we see ourselves as sons and daughters of God. Christianity teaches a close parent-child relationship with God. Other faiths see their relationship with God as master/servant rather than as Father, sons and daughters. To some of the world’s great religions, God...
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May 2

An afternoon among Allah's faithful

“And be steadfast in prayer and regular in charity.” The Qur’an On Saturday, April 28, Ken Gollersrud and I, from the St. Francis Life, Justice and Peace Commission, attended a workshop on Understanding Islam. During the afternoon we met fellow Christians as well as Jews and Muslims. It was time spent with others of the...
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