Faith Formation Weekly

April 2018

Apr 19

Rules for Radicals

We do not often think of Jesus as a radical, but in his day, he most certainly was one. His condemnation of the religious elite as well as his frequent violations of Jewish customs and laws resulted in considerable conflict with the establishment. If you have any doubts about just how revolutionary Jesus’ teachings were, read the...
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Apr 11

Progress versus hope

Progress versus hope. Progress is the religion of the American culture. “Progress is the unstoppable force pushing human affairs forward. And it’s a religion with a simple premise: Except for the random detour, civilization instinctively changes for the better.” Unfortunately, world events, especially in the last 100 years...
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Apr 4

Being Free

Pride is typically called the chief capital sin, the one that is the source of all others. Envy has to be a close second. Envy is not just wanting what others have; but feeling angry and miserable because others have what you want. Sadly, we live in a culture that engenders envy through social media, advertising, marketing, television, movies...
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