Lighting the Easter candle at out Easter Vigil Saturday night

Faith Formation Weekly

May 2019

May 14

Who is in charge here?

Human beings labor under the delusion that we are in control. We strive to orchestrate our environment, the people around us, our choices, the future and even sometimes the past. If circumstances or especially other people do not cooperate with our plans and vision, we respond by trying to change them to our liking. Some of us are kindly and...
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May 7

Why?... Human beings desire to know why.

The questions of why the universe and life exist at all, why suffering is everpresent in spite of our best attempts to eliminate it, and why I am here are endemic to human existence. Atheism denies the legitimacy of the ‘why.’ The universe and life simply are and suffering is part of the package. “In terms of the most...
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May 2

Jesus is the answer.

“Suffering is not quite the same as pain. Pain is a symptom indicating that something is wrong at one or more of the three levels of human awareness: physical, psychological and spiritual.” We tend to conflate the two terms into one and try mightily to eliminate suffering by eliminating pain. As well we should! Suffering actually...
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