Faith Formation Weekly

August 2018

Aug 15

VBS News Flash!!

As witnessed by over 70 children and 33 Teens and adult helpers, Daniel made a miraculous escape from King Nebuchadnezzar’s den of lions. Many thanks to the people that made All this possible: Diane Hoffman—celebration leader Wendy Butzerin—games leader Lars Herold--a.k.a. Daniel Tommy Butzerin—a.k.a. Ashpenaz Laurie...
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Aug 9

Missionary? Me?

How do you feel about becoming a missionary? ‘What! Not me you cry. I could never be a missionary!’ You have to admit however that this country has become a mission field. Washington State is well known for the large population of ‘Nones,’ those who have no religious affiliation. In the past, the church could rely on the...
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Aug 1

Alive in the Spirit

Catholics believe that the sacrament of baptism bestows the gift of the Holy Spirit on the baptized person. Most often baptized as infants or children, Catholics generally cannot point to an “experience of the Spirit’ as was the norm in the early Christian community upon receiving baptism. Confirmation is perhaps, in Catholic...
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