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Faith Formation Weekly

July 2019

Jul 15

The Natural Law

In Genesis 2, we read that the ‘tree of the knowledge of good and evil’ resided in the middle of the Garden of Eden and God ordered Adam not to eat of it. Disobedience meant death. While interpretations of course vary, the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) tells us that the tree “symbolically evokes the insurmountable...
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Jul 9

The Body of Christ

We have all heard and have probably said, “Well (fill in person’s name) has left the Church, but he (or she) is a good person.” The implication is that being a good person is what it takes to please God and so have assured access to heaven. While being a ‘good person’ is definitely one of the non-negotiables for...
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Jul 2


One of the most dangerous lies perpetuated by postmodern philosophy is the postulate that absolute truth does not exist. Truth, according to this school of thought, is always a product of the dominant, i.e., most powerful group in a culture. Some things are true by definition, such as two plus two equals four, but in postmodern thought, the...
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