Faith Formation Weekly

January 2019

Jan 17

The human person

Our culture is deeply steeped in mind-body dualism, or more accurately soul-body dualism. A holdover from the Enlightenment and predominantly Protestant theology; this belief eschews a direct connection between the physical and the spiritual. As consequence of this view, the human person has a body and a soul, but it is in the soul that the...
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Jan 9

He Lives!

With dizzying speed the gospel accounts of Jesus’ life move from the annunciation to his baptism in the Jordan river. We are given only a few small glimpses into Jesus infancy; and then only in Luke, we hear the story of his parents accidentally leaving him in Jerusalem at age 12. OOPS! The rest of his growing years are summarized in a...
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Jan 1

The Gospel According to Luke

As most of you know, the Sunday readings are on a three-year cycle; this year we will be reading primarily from Luke. Written as the first of a two volume work which originally included the book of Acts, this gospel about Jesus makes an intentional connection between the Old Testament prophecies, figures and themes, Jesus’ life and death...
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