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Strengths Ministry

Living Your Strengths is a Gallup-based program that teaches you to identify and affirm your talents.  More importantly, living your strengths enables you to use your God-given gifts to enrich your own life and inspire others.


What is Strength?
“A strength is an innate trait that gives you the ability to provide consistent, near-perfect performance in a given activity.  This ability is a powerful, productive combination of talent, skill and knowledge.  Talents are naturally occurring patterns of thought, feeling and behavior that can be productively applied.  Unlike skills and knowledge, talents naturally exist within you and cannot be acquired.  They are your inborn predispositions.  They are things that you do instinctively and that naturally give you satisfaction.  You will be most successful in whatever you do by building your life around your greatest natural abilities.”  Living Your Strengths, Winseman, Clifton and Liesveld, 2008

The Clifton Strengths Finder, an online talent assessment, will reveal your top 5 strengths from among 34 identified traits.  Your top 5 strengths are the unique code to the person God created you to be.

Your calling is what God wants you to do with your life; your talents and strengths determine how you will get it done. 

Living Your Strengths. If you have FUTURISTIC as one of your top five talents/strengths, you are a person who is inspired by the future. You inspire others with your visions of the future. You bring hope to others through the possibilities you share. Pay attention to God’s promises related to the future; volunteer to talk about what you see as the future of your parish; help others experiencing difficult times by helping them see possibilities.

Living Your Strengths. This is the religious spinoff of Clifton's first co-authored bestseller, Now, Discover Your Strengths, which was aimed more squarely at the business world. The principles in both books are the same: individuals will be happier and more successful if they build on their strengths, rather than focusing on overcoming their weaknesses. The authors call for a "strengths revolution" in churches that will allow more congregants to feel they contribute by doing what they do best. If congregational leaders can identify members' strengths and assign tasks in harmony with those traits, they will enjoy a greater sense of connection to and satisfaction with their religious communities—something the authors suggest is in short supply. It is a simple message fleshed out by an inventory of 34 possible "signature themes". Readers can determine their own top five signature themes by using an ID code (unique to each book copy) to take an online personality test developed by the Gallup Organization. The authors' "theology of strengths" refers to Paul's sermon on "the body of Christ" (1 Corinthians) and Christ's parable of the talents, among other Biblical passages. This is an action-oriented book, and taking the test will give readers a personal hook. It should appeal to religious book groups as well as individuals and church leaders.
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While millions of people in the U.S. are actively involved in some sort of religious organization, many people feel disengaged from their faith communities. More than half report that they really don't get the opportunity in their congregation to do what they do best. The problem is this: too many people's talents are going unappreciated. But it doesn't have to be this way. Living Your Strengths shows readers how to use their innate gifts to enrich their faith communities. The book shows people how to identify and affirm their talents, and how to use them for growth and service. Most importantly, Living Your Strengths helps people discover their true callings. The book includes an ID code that gives readers access to, a personality assessment that reveals the user's top five talents.


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