Parish Nursing

The Nurse Ministry integrates health and our Catholic faith by promoting education and support for the body, mind and spirit.

The parish nurse acts through a network of volunteers within our church and organizations such as hospitals, public health, other churches and healthcare facilities, to refer, research or respond to our parish community health needs.

The health ministry is made up of volunteers with health backgrounds such as nurses, doctors, physical therapists, occupational therapists, dentists, or health ministers who have experience with care giving or supporting a family member with illness. We are always looking for individuals with skills in prayer, compassionate presence, teaching, exercise/movement or nutrition to share their talent within our parish. Please contact the office or parish nurse if you would like to help.

The Parish Nurse/ Health Ministry can be of assistance in areas of healthcare such as; health education, health assessments, health advocacy, blood pressure screenings, hospital visits, referrals, assistance navigating health system, care transitions and health fairs. The parish nurse also supports healthy living with support groups such as bereavement groups, wellness classes for individuals living with chronic conditions and support groups for the caregivers. In addition, physical health can be supported through exercise programs such as walking, yoga, biking, hiking, balance and conditioning. Nutritional education groups, cooking classes or weight loss support is also available.

Currently St. Francis of Assisi volunteers sponsor Blood Drives with the Blood Bank, Blood pressure screening and CPR/First Aide/ AED courses.   

Health Ministry Scholarships 

To fulfill some of the requested programs from the recent health survey, St. Francis is seeking 3 more RN’s in the Health ministry with Faith Community Nursing training. To help those RN’s interested, we are offering 3 scholarships for the next program offered this Spring! It is a 40-hour course, over several weekends. You must possess an active license and feel drawn to serve in our parish’s health. 
Please call Sherry Storey if interested at 206 242-4575


Parish Nurse Ministry and Health Ministry

Contact:  Sherry Storey, RN, Parish Nurse 206 242-4575


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