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From June 17, 2018

As you read this on Sunday, I will be on my way to Halifax, Nova Scotia. There are four of us going to a Divine Renovation workshop to learn more about how to implement the concepts of Fr. James Mallon who wrote the book based on his own experience of bringing his parish from Maintenance to Mission. As a staff we have read his book and discussed it. We are using the format in establishing our Five-Year Plan for the parish. But talking about doing this plan is much different than actually doing it. There is a very different perspective about what a parish is about and how it carries out its mission in this plan. It seems like it might take a lot of work and reorganization here at St. Francis. I am personally interested to see if I have the wherewithal to actually lead the parish down this pathway.

We are definitely in the maintenance mode here at St. Francis. Maintenance is about maintaining things as they are or have been for lots of years. It is about doing sacraments, Mass, keeping our head above water. There might be some new things that we are trying but it is not a total effort to move from maintaining the parish to everyone understanding and buying into a missionary mode. That means that we all buy into the process of being disciples of Jesus. We can’t just talk about it. We have to make it happen. In a nutshell that is what Divine Renovation is about. Can we do it? Do we have what it takes to make this happen? Hopefully, we will get some answers in Halifax. Pray hard!

...Fr. Dick


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