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For December 8, 2019

We begin the Second week of Advent. This is always a hectic time with “Christmas” parties and gatherings, buying and wrapping presents, sending Christmas cards, visiting with family and friends. There seems to be little time for reflecting and waiting on the Lord. Ideally speaking, we would sit and read the Scriptures, reflect on the meaning of Jesus coming into our world, and spend some time in prayer thanking God for the gift of Jesus. In reality, it is a hectic time getting ready to celebrate Christmas with family and friends. There is no time to be wasted in thoughtful reflection and prayer.

It is more about “Christmas” with family traveling, family gathering, family feasting, family gifting and finally, exhaustion. We have a week to recover to celebrate the New Year. Then, maybe, we can reflect on the wonderful gift of God who loved us so much as to send God’s only Son to be born into our world and ultimately to suffer and die that we might have the promise of everlasting life. I pray that you might have a few “Advent” moments in the next week or two to thank God for the gift of Jesus and the promise of everlasting life.

...Fr. Dick


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