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For February 2, 2020

February is upon us. Alpha begins on Monday. We have been talking about Alpha at Mass the last two Sundays. It is an experience that can help you to bond with others in the parish and help you to share your Faith in the context of a loving community of people who will help you grow in your Faith and walk with you in the role of disciples of the Lord. This is something that we are working to achieve here in the parish. Itis not easy to be a disciple. It is even harder to do it alone. Jesus chose twelve to be His apostles.

He knew that they needed the support of each other in the vital role of proclaiming the Gospel of the Lord. As we move forward in growing as a parish, we pray that most of you as parishioners will experience Alpha and what it means to have a support system to help you grow as disciples of the Lord. If you cannot attend this session,  there will be future sessions that might be more convenient for you. I ask you to pray for those who are taking Alpha that they will be open to all that the Lord asks of them in thei rFaith life and development.

...Fr. Dick


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