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For October 20, 2019

This weekend we celebrate World Mission Sunday. There are countries and peoples through- out the world that are in need. We cannot solve all of their problems because they are too many. How- ever, we can help. That is why the Church takes up a collection for World Mission Sunday. We do the best we can and help those most in need. A few dollars here and a few dollars there add up too many dollars to help some who are in greatest need I think that sometimes we forget how desperate the needs of some places in the world are. We live quite comfortably here in the United States. We do have our own homeless people and poor people. However, I do not think that even they are as desperate as some of the poorest nations of the world. Whatever you are able to give to help some of these people is most appreciated by the poorest of the poor. May the Lord bless you for your generous heart.

....Fr. Dick




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