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For August 25, 2019

There is only one week left in August. School is about to begin. Vacations are almost over. Meetings will start up. All systems are “go”. I hope that you are ready to “go”. If you are re- tired, you can relax because you do not have to go anywhere. Enjoy! But everyone else has to push the “start” button or the “continue to go” but- ton because life keeps moving on. I hope you can enjoy this last week of August and catch a bit of relaxation before Labor Day.

I realize that those of you who work regular hours do not get the summer off. You have been working all summer and all year round. Hopefully you got a little time off for vacation and some rest and relaxation. Thanks for being here at church and for being part of our reli- gious family. May the Lord continue to bless you and shower you with happiness and peace. 

....Fr. Dick




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