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For January 19, 2020

We will be having Alpha coming up in February.
You have heard about Alpha from some witnesses during Mass. These personal witnesses are probably the best way to promote something that might be foreign to you. Alpha is a way of experiencing community and some basic experience of Jesus and what He expects of us. It is a way to get to know some people in our parish on a deeper level. It is a way to get to know Jesus in a deeper way. We are using Alpha as a basic introduction to what we are trying to accomplish as we promote Divine Renovation in our parish. We are trying to move from Maintenance to Mission.

Maintenance is that mode of operating where we are just trying to maintain what we have – Mass, sacraments, some sense of parish. Mission is a more active way of being parish. Mission calls us to be disciples of Jesus and actively promote the Gospel of Jesus by the way we live and reach out to others so they may experience the Love of God. We hope that a good majority of the parish will get on board and actively take part in who we are as disciples of the Lord. We ask you to pray for the success of Alpha as well as the success of the call to Mission here at St. Francis Parish. Read more about Alpha

...Fr. Dick


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