Pastor's Thoughts

From April 22, 2018

Rain, rain, go away. Come again in October or November. It certainly has been wet around here. But I looked at my “Weather App” and it looks like we will have sun this whole week. Thank you, God. It has certainly been a wet April. While we Seattleites are accustomed to lots of rain, we really do like the sun to come out and make us smile again. In a way it is like the darkness the Apostles experienced on Good Friday until Jesus, the Son of God, appeared to them in the upper room on Easter Sunday. Jesus brought smiles to the faces of the Apostles just as the sun brings smiles to our faces when we have experienced the darkness of continuous clouds and rain. Even if the sun does not come out for a while, the Son of God can bring smiles to our lives whenever we encounter Jesus in Eucharist or in each other. 


Each of us is capable of bringing the presence of Jesus to others by our positive disposition and the love of God that we can bring each day. May Easter continue to bring you peace and joy. May you continue to bring a smile to each other.


...Fr. Dick



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