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St. Francis kids line up to say Thanks for your help!

We celebrated our first all-school Mass on Friday, Sep- tember 13th. Hosted by our seventh grades, celebrated by Fr. Hayatsu, and led in song by our choir, it was won- derful. If you have never been to an all-school Mass, I encourage you to come to one when you can.


After two weeks of school, I checked in with a few of our kindergarteners and a few of our eighth graders to find out what they liked about the school year so far.

Our kindergarteners shared:

We get to play with other people at recess.
I got my prize by earning 31 stickers. I got stickers by being in line, having my name on my paper, sit- ting on the carpet crisscross apple sauce and some other things.

I like my teachers.
Doing homework is good. We color and write. You write your name.
I like carpool because I get to get in the car with my brother.
I made a new friend.
I like that I get to play with my friend. I like the projects, the arts and crafts. I get to draw pictures and make stars.

Our eighth graders reported:

You get to be leaders of the school and your family group.

The teachers are epic.
The homework is reasonable and not just busy work. The assignments are challenging and fun.
You get to be more independent.
You get to eat lunch in EDP and sit with people who aren’t in your class.
I really like geometry with Mr. Tribble.
Math with Ms. Christjaener and Ms.Toy is great.
Our first writing assignment-two paragraphs about our names: where they came from, what they mean, would we change them- was one of my favorite ever.

We were really looking forward to the DC trip.

Whether kindergarten or eighth grade or somewhere in between, each year brings something new and wonderful.


With the help of a $10,000 donation from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation at the request of one of our parents, we established a relationship with the new Mary’s Place location in Burien. All of our students created “welcome home” cards for families transitioning from homelessness to temporary housing at Mary’s Place. Our seventh and eighth graders visited the facilities and have been working on getting grants and raising money to purchase needed supplies for the Mary’s Place guests.

Our kindergartners straighten the books in the church each week. Our kindergarteners, first graders and second graders all made and brought gifts to residents of the Francisican.

We raised money to put a roof on and beds in the girls’ dormitory at our school in Ndavaya, Kenya.

And much, much more!

Thank you, parishioners, for your continued support of our school. Our mission of the parish exists because of you! Thank you for another wonderful year.

- Rosemary Leifer, Principal


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