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My Parish App

Install instructions

Do you have our App?
Apple App store and Google Play App stores1. Click on the image on the left

or 2. Text 'App' (without the ticks/single quote marks ') to phone number 88202 or

3. Visit myparishapp.com to download

After reviewing the quick tutorial in the app itself take a look at the messages and groups buttons.
-Messages is information we push out to you about events and news.
-Groups is a discussion board which will grow with concerned input.

You can switch to another Parish easily to see their Mass Times or other information. Click on the upper-right "hamburger menu" (three horizontal lines, like a hamburger!) and click on the "Change Parish"; but please come back!

There are more features to explore, take a look.

If you have questions or concerns you can reply to this message. We will get back to you as soon as we are able.
Thank you,
St. Francis of Assisi web team

If you have the older My STFOA app with the green SF and the white background logo, you may delete it. This myParish app has replaced it. The My STFOA app is no longer working.




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Online Giving

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