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Sister Parish (El Salvador)

Sister Parish
San Jose Ojos de Agua, El Salvador, CA and St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Burien, WA USA

Celebrating over 20 years of Two Parishes, one people of God.
Celebración de nuestro 20mo año de dos parroquias, una persona de dios.

We send a delegation to visit to our Sister parish every other year. Every other year members of our Sister Parish come here and visit with us. Members of our parish participated and we met with all of the families, children, and pastoral councils involved in our programs, which include new music and college scholarship programs.

From Maria Balsiger: I wanted to give you an update from El Salvador. Today, there are 62 COVID19 positive cases with 3 deaths in entire country of El Salvador. I spoke with Irma this week and she tells me that the majority of these cases are located in Metapan in the province of Santa Ana. Our Sister Parish communities are in the province of Chalatenango. If you look at a map and find Metapan you will be able to see where it is in comparison to our Sister Parish. Las Vueltas is the first larger community in our Sister parish. which is in the province of Chalatanengo. Metapan and Las Vueltas may look close on the map, however, there are large mountain ranges between the two areas and no connecting roads.
Irma and Padre Joaquin tell me that there are no cases of the coronavirus in our Sister parish communities. Their president put them into “shelter in place” before they had any cases, so they are in our same situation; everyone is told to stay at home, schools and churches are closed, although the farmers are able to go out and tend to the crops. Padre Joaquin wants all of you to know that they are praying for all of you and our parish as they have heard a lot about our area (primarily Seattle and Kirkland) in the news. Please continue to pray for these small communities as healthcare in these areas are very limited. Thank you for your continued support and prayers for these children and their families

Please see this Flyer about our special relationship.

We take a collection quarterly, to support the sister parish.  Your donations help to fund  religious education and assorted ministries of our Sister Parish and their 22 communities in El Salvador.  Thank you for your support.

Family-to-Family Program

We now have 44 children and families in the program. All the children and families received Easter cards.
Cost is only $250 a year to support their entire family, purchase school uniforms and supplies, provide medical, dental and vision exams for the children and families, along with providing nutritional supplements.  Please consider participating in this exciting relationship, as the families and children enjoy being able to develop personal relationships with the families here!

We collect letters to send to the families at Christmas and Easter.  We also collect letters and small gifts to send when the delegation visits us or we visit them, alternating yearly. 

How do I get involved with the Sister Parish?

There are many ways to get involved and participate in this exciting and enriching ministry:  we need families and individuals to sponsor children in the family-to-family program, donations to the general ministry of the many programs our Sister Parish puts on within their communities, help translating letters to and from Spanish, and help supporting our quarterly collections and the El Tablon church rebuilding project.  If you are interested in helping, please contact Maria Balsiger at 206-242-3837 or Thank you to all for your support.

Please see the bulletin inserts section for the Sister Parish Newsletters HERE



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