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2015-2016 News:

In May, parishioners were asked to complete the Members Engagement Twenty-Five Questionnaire. The results provide a snapshot in how we are progressing in developing an engaged church. The ME25 Survey Report indicates mark improvement in most of the area of engagement. Engagement increased by 3 percentage points from 25 to 28.

In October (2015), parish leadership will gather to reflect on the survey results and decide the focus areas for the next two years.  

Over the past four years, here are some of the ways to help people make a strong emotional connection with St. Francis:

Name Tag Weekend – parishioners are encouraged to put on a name tag at our weekend Masses. At the begging of Mass and at the Kiss of Peace, we can greet each other by name.

Praise and Recognition - Pastoral Council continues its practice of recognizing parishioners who carry out the parish mission and staff continue their efforts to recognize all the ways parishioners volunteer their time and talents to St. Francis. Part of this recognition is the end-of-the-Appreciation event. (2015- instead of this event, the parish celebrated Fr. Hayatsu and Fr. Angelovic’s 50th Anniversary as priests)

Twelve Engagement Banners in the back of the church helps the community understand the dynamics of engaged church.

Living Your Strengths is the foundation of all the others ways we become engaged. 400 adults and youth have taken the Strengths’ Assessment Tool. Moira Schumacher, our Strengths Coach and Coordinator has offered workshops, retreats and individual guidance for people who want to live out of their God-given talents. The parish started this ministry in 2009 and over 450 adults, youth and Jr. High have taken Strength Finders Assessment tool and learned how to best live their best self. 

Knowing What Is expected of me as parishioner: what I can expect of St. Francis: people feel like they belong when they know what’s expected of them and what they can expect from St. Francis of Assisi Church. After months of discernment, engagement leadership team named these expectations. There are listed on the front of our bulletin.


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