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Stewardship of Treasure


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Called to Serve Campaign Refund, the parish was able to put additional $19,269 into our capital reserves. The loan for property formerly known as the Smith’s house is nearly paid for thanks to the school. The ending balance is just under $15,000.

Are you required to take the Minimum out of your IRA? There are tax advantages if you give your distribution to St. Francis or other charitable groups. Read the article

Stewardship of Treasure Renewal: Parishioners who give online and have not turned in a Stewardship of Treasure Card, their online annual total will count as their financial pledge for 2020. If this unacceptable, please contact the Parish Office and we will insert the keyword from 2020 Treasure to “No Pledge”.

Instead of opening Annual Catholic Appeal business reply envelope from the weekend masses, we are mailing them directly to archdiocese. In the current reporting, the trend suggests that the total dollars pledged will be less than last year. Finance Council reviewed budget options for 2019-2020 parish operating budget. Because of the Sunday giving shortfall accounts for 85% of parish income, the council decided to make their final recommendation regarding the 2019-2020 parish budget at its June meeting. By that time, the actual revenue for this fiscal year will be better known.
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Online Giving: 

The link to Online Giving is here.  

Please see our  St. Francis Called to Serve as Christ Campaign web page for the latest of our updates.


Please see the Archdiocesan's Called to Server as Christ Campaign web page.

Contact or 206-903-4620.


Charitable giving using your IRA can have tax advantages.

While the reason for giving is to gratefully return to the church mission a share of what God has given to us, we also can be smart about our giving. For those over 70 1⁄2 who take a standard deduction, there is a great advantage to doing a charitable rollover out of your IRA. Your gift counts as part of your minimum distribution and your gift reduces your adjusted gross income, which reduces your taxes. More families have been taking advantage of this.

Sunday contributions using online giving 
When we do our weekly report on the Sunday gifts, it includes all mail-in bank checks, credit cards and EFT that the parish processes every 12th and 21st of the month, and online giving. Anyone can sign up for online giving by going here. You just need your parish (envelope) ID number to set up an account that you manage. Thank you to all for your stewardship of Treasure.

Planned GivingOnline Giving Button

Please consider St. Francis of Assisi in you will. Thank you!

Learn about creative ways to support your parish and parish school. Please see the Archdiocesan Planned Giving web site.

The Planned Giving web page provides many resources that can help anyone in their estate planning now and for the future. Topics include:

  • Fixed Income for Retirement 
  • How to Choose a Continuing Care Retirement Community
  • Gifts of Stocks and Bonds
  • Help for those drowning in Clutter
  • Identity Theft – Biggest IRS Challenge
  • Tax-Free Sale
  • How to Spot and Protect Against Financial Fraud
  • Will Basics
  • How to find lost insurance policies


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Stewardship of Time

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Stewardship of Talent

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Stewardship of Treasure

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Online giving may be done via Our Sunday Visitor site 

Archdiocesan Planned Giving Office has a Facebook page listing planned giving workshops, resources, and articles. 

Online Giving

Online Giving

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