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November 2017

Nov 23

The roots of racism in our culture.

“For a long time, I naively hoped that racism was a thing of the past. Those of us who are white have a very hard time seeing that we constantly receive special treatment just because of the color of our skin. This “white privilege” makes it harder for us to recognize the experiences of people of color...
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Nov 16

“I reject hate.”

In last week’s column I asked Jesus for help after I admitted that I hate Donald Trump. Since then, others have joined the team in search of Divine Love. Some admit to hating Barack Obama, or have issues with hating others. All of us admit that we no longer wish to live our life filled with hate and anger. We...
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Nov 9

I am the Tree; you are the branches.

I am going through the 40 Weeks program for the second time. As before, growth for me is accompanied by pain. This time my pain began in my physical body. What I have learned is that I am not a body with a spirit, but rather a spirit with a body. I reasoned that my pain originates from spiritual pain. I took a Walk...
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Nov 2

Become a seeker with a beginner’s mind.

Richard Rohr says, “God comes in alwayssurprising ways so that the sincere seeker will always find. Is sincere seeking perhaps the real meaning of walking in darkness and faith? It seems to me that many scientists today are very sincere seekers. In fact, today’s scientists often seem to have more...
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