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First Communion Children 5/2017

Outreach weekly

May 2017

May 25

Contemplative Dialogue

I have received many positive responses to last week’s letter on climate change from Ed Bohn in response to something I wrote on May 7. When I read Ed’s letter, it occurred to me that I have never understood any point of view regarding climate change other than my own. I firmly believe that if you...
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May 18

My Dear Frances,

In the May 7th bulletin, you expressed alarm and grief over the perception that future generations would not experience the Arctic ice and freely roaming polar bears. I do not blame you for your concern as we all treasure our environment. But I believe you have been unduly alarmed as is often the case...
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May 12

Prayer is a Teacher

Mother Theresa says that prayer changes US, and transformed by prayer we change the situation. Oh! How many times have I prayed and waited for God to change the situation? What Mother Theresa is saying is that when we pray, we are asking God to change us! What a concept! Prayer is our teacher, not our servant, and we...
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May 4

Where Did The Polar Bears Go?

Within the last year friends Caitlin and David Rosser and Michelle Milkowski and Shawn Allen had babies. I met Caitlin and David during the JustFaith program in 2008, before they were married. Before starting a family they were Maryknoll Missioners in Tanzania. Caitlin is now a full-time mother of two boys, Luc and...
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