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July 2017

Jul 20

Whose business is it?

In a recent discussion with a friend, she said people should be able to do whatever they want, as long as it doesn’t affect anyone else. What you do, she insists, is no one’s business but your own. The example she gave is that you should be able to worship however you want, marry whomever you want or go...
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Jul 13

“A Letter from Sergio:”

As I write this, Fr. Dick and our Sister Parish delegation are on their way to El Salvador. They carry with them greetings and gifts from all of us. Many of us sponsor children by paying for their school tuition and books. I sponsor a boy whose name is Sergio Samuel Cartegena Guardado. I was told that when Sergio came up...
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Jul 6

The Word becomes flesh and dwells among us.

Twenty years ago I attended a dinner theater in New York. Attending the performance were a group of adults with special needs, a term we use to distinguish them from “so called” normal people. As we left the theater I locked eyes with a Down’s woman in a wheel chair. There was a subliminal...
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