The 2017 Annual Catholic Appeal, A Future Full of Hope, Passion for our Faith, Promise for our Future, Care for our Community, and Love for our family.
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Easter flowers and the church

Faith Formation Weekly

April 2017

Apr 20

To be a Disciple

As Christians we are called to be imitators and followers of Jesus of Nazareth. Since we do not live in first century Palestine and most of us are not steeped in the Jewish faith, we must make a modern translation of discipleship into our individual lives. Even during Jesus’ lifetime, following him took...
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Apr 14

Love Wins

Sometimes when we are in the face of evil—especially raw unrestrained evil—we fear that the power of evil will prevail. Who can stop or contain the brutal attacks by terrorists? Who can prevent mass murders by disturbed gunmen? In the face of these senseless tragedies we feel utterly powerless and...
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Apr 6

In God we trust

When life takes a side-ways turn, we have two basic choices: we can choose to grumble, whine and complain and generally feel sorry for ourselves or we can turn our eyes on Jesus and try to grow through the experience. Assuming the second option is what you really want, how do you go about it? “We must fix our...
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