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Faith Formation Weekly

January 2018

Jan 18

In the dock

Satan means ‘the accuser.’ We often think of Satan or the devil as trying to trick us or tempt us into doing what we know we should not. In reality, his primary mode of attack is to convince us that we are not worthy of love and acceptance especially from God. This is the voice in your head that...
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Jan 11

Do not fear

In the Gospel of John, very shortly after his baptism in the Jordon by John, Jesus calls his disciples. In this version, Jesus calls Andrew first and then Peter, both of whom were listening to John’s preaching and observing his baptisms. The scriptures mention another disciple who is never named, perhaps...
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Jan 4

The Sacraments

As Catholics, we know sacraments are sacred encounters with God which provide special graces to well-disposed recipients, helping them along the way in the Christian journey. “This they do by the power of the Holy Spirit working through the Christian community. Each sacrament is a way of encountering the...
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