Animal Blessings 2017

Faith Formation Weekly

October 2017

Oct 19

Growing in Trust

So often we live in the land of ‘if only.’ If only I had more money, I could stop worrying about finances. If only my health were better, I would feel less anxious about the future. If only my (insert close relative here) was not suffering so much, I would be far less upset. And so on. We all have our list of...
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Oct 12

Coming to the feast?

The gospel reading for this weekend is about a wedding feast thrown by a king which is  not well attended. “The custom for such events in the ancient world was to prepare a guest list in advance based on those who indicated their willingness to attend the  celebration. Then, when the celebration was...
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Oct 5

Life in the Spirit

As recorded in the gospel of John when speaking with Nicodemus, Jesus uses the analogy of wind blowing where it will for the Holy Spirit. (John 3:8) He is trying to explain to this very learned teacher of Mosaic Law how it can be that a person must be reborn in order to have the life of the Spirit within. From the...
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