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Faith Formation Weekly

August 2017

Aug 17


When you think about what happens to Jesus’ friends in the gospels, you might wonder if being a friend of Jesus was all that helpful. For example, recall what happened to Lazarus and his sisters, Martha and Mary. According to the Gospel of John, these three siblings were special friends of Jesus. When...
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Aug 10

Real power

One of the great mysteries of the cross is that it lets us see into the heart of God. When we contemplate the seeming helplessness of God the Son on the cross, what is our response? Do we wonder why does God not rise up in righteous anger and destroy those who would condemn an innocent man to such torture? Surely he...
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Aug 3

The meaning of the cross

Rene Girad is quoted as saying that ‘the cross is the most revolutionary moral event in the history of the planet.’ The humiliation, torture and death of this one innocent victim changed the course of history because his followers believed that his crucifixion had meaning. The depth of the cross’ moral...
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