Pastor's Thoughts

From November 26, 2017

hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I think that I forgot to mention it last week in my column. I seem to be forgetting more things on my 
calendar and names and events. I could blame it on my radiation therapy, but I don’t think that is where the problem lies. I think that I am getting
older and that is just what happens to some people. I need to look at my calendar so that I don’t forget things that I am supposed to do. It is not too
bad as yet. But if things start getting worse, I hope that someone tells me so that you can get someone here who is not forgetting things.

Life goes on and we have to go with the flow. But if we forget where the flow is going or forget that life goes on, we are in trouble. So keep praying that my brain keeps working like it is supposed to work. Or let me know that it is time to hang up the spurs and get off the horse. A selfdriving golf cart might be the next best option. Do they make those things yet?

...Fr. Dick


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