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From August 20, 2017

This is the latest update on my health. Thanks
to those of you who have inquired how I am doing. I am doing better. They finally found out that I have an E.coli infection that is highly resistant to antibiotics. So they have me on a special antibiotic that hopefully will kill this bug. I think that I got this bug in El Salvador. So keep me in your prayers.

I also received the biopsy report on my prostate. I do have cancer. It is not a super aggressive type of cancer. The doctor recommended radiation treatment preceded by hormone treatment. That will be eight weeks of treatment, five days a week.

I am not sure how I will be feeling. I still have to talk to the cancer doctor. I could do nothing, at my age, but the cancer has just enough aggression that it could cause problems down the line. It is a treatable cancer so there is nothing to panic about. Just keep me in your prayers. There are still questions that I need to pursue. The timing of the treatment is still something that I need to discern. All in God’s time.

...Fr. Dick


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