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Pastor's Thoughts

From June 25, 2017

I forgot to mention last week that we were going to Priests’ Days for our annual time together. We had Fr. William Byrne who teaches homiletics or
preaching to seminarians. Since I am writing this before I go to Priests’ Days I cannot tell you if I learned anything or not. If he was effective, hopefully you will notice a difference in my preaching. Or maybe I did not learn anything like I should have. You can let me know if you notice any improvement in my preaching. If I don’t hear anything from you, I can chalk it up to “I have not improved” or “I didn’t learn anything” or “I didn’t listen very well”. Or I could just blame Fr. Byrne for being a bad teacher. This last excuse is the easiest to use. But it may not be true. Hopefully, I did learn something and it did help me to improve my preaching. Thanks be to God!

...Fr. Dick



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